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Study Russian in Russia



Why learn Russian?

Are you hesitating to plunge into learning Russian? Here you will find some information which may help you decide to come to Russia to study Russian in Russia!

Learn Russian in Russia…

  • Learn the 6th most spoken language in the world! With 285 million speakers in the world, The Russian language is among the top 10 languages in the world and you can meet Russian speakers all around the world!
  • Discover another ‘continent’: have you ever dreamed to venture across the biggest country in the world and its surroundings, to learn Russian will be on the first page of the Russian survival manual.
  • Plunge into a rich culture: a large number of composers, musicians, authors, painters, and artists speak Russian and have grown up in Russia. To learn Russian in Russia means to have the ability to comprehend a large part of one of the world’s cultures in a new way.
  • Discover a totally different intellectual logic: dive into the challenge, which offers a way towards a rich and beautiful language, we will stretch your way of thinking and your outlook of the world.
  • Having Russian on your Résumé makes a difference! Be the one to have a unique profile, the one who didn’t fear to start the difficult learning process of the Russian language and discover its beauty!
  • Having the possibility to integrate into an expanding market: Russia is among the 10 strongest economies in the world and the market continues to grow. Thus, Russia has a great number of work and business opportunities.
  • Giving you an advantage in the international labour market: Russian is used in many fields, and is the official language in a lot of international organisations.
  • Discover a character which confuses and charms at the same time: the Russian soul, or the fire under the ice.
  • Learn a seductive language: Russian women are among the most beautiful in the world and no one can stay unmoved by the melody of the Russian language.

    Song on a Poem of Essenine


    Female church choir

  • Learn a language of the Universe: Russian is the first language of the space!

… or 10 good reasons for learning Russian language and have a study-program in Russia in the centres of CREF in Moscow or Nizhny Novgorod

If Russian language…

…is built on complex grammar…

  • We propose you a way of studying the Russian language which is both fun and effective with a view to help you communicate early on.
  • We put modern audio-visual equipment at your disposal in order to help you fathom out the Russian language by interactive training.


…has complex pronunciation…

  • Teachers are all native qualified Russians. Thus, have the knowledge of the Russian language, and also the pedagogy which is necessary to all learners.
  • A study-program of the Russian language in Russia assures you of rapid progress in the understanding of the Russian language: you will bathe in the cultural environment that this language expresses.


…possesses unlimited vocabulary…

  • We provide you with manuals rich with mnemonic meaning
  • We help you step by step to using daily Russian everyday
  • We work with visual and hearing aids
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Russian language course in Moscow
Language course in Moscow

The Russian language school CREF will give you the best advices on how to study Russian in Russia, will it be in Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg or Nizhny-Novgorod.
Learn more about why learn Russian language, about the richest Russian culture and Russian cities. Have a look at the CREF interesting offers on Russian courses in Russia.